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In life, no matter how much we try to remain independent, we also tend to rely on friends and family during various times of need. Some examples include when you need a place to stay, when you need help moving, or even moral support during a tough period. Showing your gratitude and appreciation is important and, depending on your personal situation, you might be on a tighter budget than normal. At 123 Flowers, our Thank You Flowers are not only gorgeous, but they are also really affordable.

If you have a fairly close relationship with the intended recipient, you might know enough about them to be able to choose their favourite flowers or at least a bouquet in their favourite colour. By choosing something that appeals to their preferences clearly demonstrates that you put extra thought into your selection. If you are not familiar with their preferences, you could always opt for a mixed flower arrangement that includes several types of flowers and colours.

When you want to say thank you with flowers, bright blooms are always a great option. Bright yellow flowers, for example, have a way of filling a room with beauty and joy. This message of joy is great when you want to thank somebody because it shows that you are grateful for their help and happy to show your appreciation by sending a gorgeous bouquet.

In some cases, you might feel like you want to step it up a little. At 123 Flowers, we offer a number of sizes from which you can choose. Make your selection based on your needs and your budget of course. Each size increase means that the same flowers will be used, but additional stems will be added to create a larger and more impressive floral design.

Another great option is to take a look through our extra gifts. We stock a variety of gift items including luxury chocolates, cuddly teddy bears, and various wines. You can add one or more of these items to your order, and they will be presented to the recipient along with the fresh flower delivery.

Remember, when somebody helps you, and you show your appreciation by sending flowers and possibly a little something extra, you can be sure that they will be even more inclined to help you in the future. Showing them some real appreciation is a sure way of strengthening your relationship and making sure that they don't feel like you only ever contact them when you need something.

Once you have selected the perfect bunch of flowers and chosen any additional gifts you would like to include, it's time to put your thankfulness into words! There is no need to go into detail regarding how they helped you but rather focus on the most important message – Thank You! After placing your flower order and carefully crafting your message, leave the rest to our team of professionals at 123 Flowers!
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