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At 123 Flowers we don’t use commercial heating or any chemical pesticides. Our flowers are grown under the sun just as nature intended (and does best!). Our priorities are both happy customers and a happy planet!

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We choose all of our flowers from ethical and sustainable farms all around the world and deliver direct to you - fresh and in bud. This means our quality flowers last longer, happy farm workers grow happier flowers!

The Highest Quality & Care

Each of our hand-tied bouquets is arranged fresh from the farm and prepared in recyclable florist packaging. Before being delivered straight your doorstep, in bud and ready to light up someones day!

Customer Happiness

Here at 123 Flowers, we take great pride with every bouquet we create. From our farms to your doorstep. Every step we take has the health of our planet, the quality of our flowers and our customers happiness at heart.

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Flower Delivery as Easy as 123 : 123 Flowers Guaranteed Fresh Flowers and Bouquets

Flowers have always been an important part of human culture. Delicate, fragrant sprouts of nature with their vibrant colours and sundry expansive shapes, flowers have always captured the human Imagination.

As if born specifically to appeal to the human imagination, flowers with their variety of colours, scents and shapes, have always been perfect for gifting to your kith and kin. They’ve always helped us express our feelings beyond words, Made us smile when we are down and brighten up our living spaces.

With a vast variety of colours, shapes and sizes they are perfect for giving meaningful gifts. Different cultures had their own meanings for different flowers but eventually, they began to mean the same thing in different cultures as Floriography became more popular..

Sending flowers in the UK also has an interesting history as during the victorian era 1700’s Floriography was a popular fad. Floriography is the symbolic language of flowers. Each flower in an arrangement held a specific meaning.

Although not as elaborate as before, people still use flowers as a means to convey their sentiments when they feel that just words aren’t enough.

Sending flowers to someone can brighten up their day, bring a smile to their face and show them that you care for them. Here at 123 Flow

What is the symbolic meaning of flowers?

Flowers held different meanings throughout myths and stories. Ranging from new birth to death, and purity to desire. Generally, Flowers which grow from a sensitive bud to full bloom, represent the cycle of life and death. Flowers also symbolise fragility and the quick passage of life as they wilt and perish, day flowers represent this perfectly as they bloom only for one day.

Throughout history, different types of flowers have held different meanings varying from culture to culture.

Giving someone a flower can mean many things, varying from a romantic proposal to an apology depending on the type of flower and the way it’s presented. A red rose has become an almost universal symbol of romantic interest while a white rose suggests a platonic interest.

Blue Hyacinths represent peace and truth, they make dazzling bouquets which are perfect for an apology. White tulips and Lily of the valley are also great flowers for apologising. Peonies represent good fortune and success and hence make excellent congratulatory flowers. Carnations, Lilies, and Gladiolus often go hand in hand in sympathy bouquets.

Picking fresh flowers for a loved one is a quintessential human expression of love and beauty. Although people no longer pick flowers themselves, the spirit of the act remains.

With 123 Flowers you can capture the essence of that simple gesture without any hassle. We specialise in delivering fresh flowers. Our line of products features the best seasonal flowers and more. Now you can simply Order flowers online without even the hassle of visiting flower shops.

123 Flowers offers elegant hand-tied floral bouquets and arrangements, made from the best luxury flowers from around the globe and catering to all occasions and sentiments. With our guaranteed delivery never miss out on celebrating a special occasion.

Can You Send Flowers Online?

gifting flowers online has never been easier, simply choose from our vast variety, categorised conveniently by occasion and sentiments, place an order and rest easy knowing your kith and kin will receive a lovely gift.

Many people dither to send flowers online with concerns that the flower won’t be fresh or might be disfigured during the delivery. We offer a freshness guarantee on all our products. We ensure a reliable flower delivery service that gets flowers to your loved ones in pristine condition and with elegant presentation. Our state-of-the-art packaging protects the flowers and makes sure that the flowers will arrive fresh.

Are just flowers enough as a gift?

Although flowers are a lovely gesture and can be a perfect gift for many situations, some occasions call for something extra.

123 Flower offers a range of additional items as a top-up to your flower gift. A colleague had a major promotion? How about a bouquet of Peonies with a bottle of champagne? Add a box of chocolates with roses to really make her Valentine sweet.

What flowers should you not give?

Because each flower holds a different meaning some flowers can send negative signals. Yellow Carnations, Orange Lilies, Petunia and Black Roses hold negative meaning and should be avoided sending as gifts.

Is it appropriate to send flowers to a friend?

Although it is completely appropriate to gift friends flowers, they may cause confusion, by sending unintended signals. For example, sending red roses to a coworker or a friend might imply romantic feelings even if you simply intended to congratulate them. For platonic relationships, stick with lighter colours to avoid confusion. Yellow sunflowers and daisies make excellent platonic gifts. Alternatively sending indoor plants is a safer option If you don’t want any chance of sending out the wrong signal.

Should You Gift Men Flowers?

Gifting a man flowers is perfectly acceptable. Flowers are an ideal way to express friendship, love and respect and men deserve them too. Liking flowers does in no way diminish masculinity. Flowers are a blessing of nature and are for everyone to enjoy.

Which Flowers Should You Give to Men?

Although there is no hard and fast rule about what flowers to give to a man, there are some that are considered more masculine and might make more suitable gifts for males.

Stereotypes about certain colours are still entrenched in our society, so your male friends might not be too excited about pastel shades like pink or pale yellow. Sending darker colours like maroon, purple or deep blue, is a good rule of thumb when sending flowers to men.

Anthurium, Tulips, and Sunflowers with their larger size and solid structure make good gifts for men.

What Can I Gift Instead of Flowers?

Flowers aren’t for every situation or relationship. We also have indoor plants and other planted gifts which are a longer-lasting alternative to flowers. 123 Flowers offers free flower delivery on all our products without compromising on quality. Our flowers, outdoor plants, and flower bouquets all come under our freshness guarantee and are delivered with an exquisite presentation so your dear ones know exactly how much they mean to you.

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